Big camp out  weekend
Date TBC


Manor Farm Camp out!



The camp is open to boys and girls aged between 8 - 13 years at a cost of £85 per child. Camp will run from 10 am Friday until 3 pm Saturday. All food is provided including dinner on the campfire!



10 am

Upon arrival everyone will be shown to their tents by Hannah and the gang. Once belongings are stowed,we will get to know each other and decorate a wood cookie with our name to wear around our neck. 

10.30 am

Once everyone has settled in, we will waste no time in visiting the animals and filming our adventures along the way with the camp GoPro. We'll cuddle a guinea pig, groom a horse and even wash a tortoise! 

12 pm

Time for lunch! There will be a big spread of yummy fresh food and everyone can build their own roll from a choice of fillings. After food there will be a chance to chill out on a hay bale, pond dip, ride the zip wire or relax the tents with friends.

1 pm

Time to train and motivate your team sheep, ready for a race. We will also decorate a camp flag with whatever you like, pens paint, brushes, hands feet, anything goes!

3 pm

We will enjoy an afternoon of fun and games, guinea pig of destiny, rounders, croquet, water battles and much more! 

5 pm

Now it's time to work together and build a giant camp fire ready to roast jacket potatoes for dinner, and of course we'll wash them down with hot chocolate and marshmallows!

7 pm

After dinner we will get busy putting all of the animals to bed.

8 pm

Time for our ever popular hay bale disco to get rid of any pre-bedtime energy!

10 pm

Time to brush teeth and get those pjs on!

Before sleep time we will take a stroll to the back of the field and observe the dusk wildlife and soundscape.

22.30 pm

Time to snuggle down. 

As always our dedicated male and female night shift staff will arrive to make sure everyone has settled in and keep an eye on the camp through the night.


8 am

Wakey, wakey!

Some early birds may be up before now, but our experience is,  following an exciting, later night than most children are used to, they appreciate a little lie in! For the extra early birds there are plenty of jobs to keep them busy.

8.30 am

Time to visit the hens to collect eggs for our giant farm fry up!

9.30 am

Now we'll get washed and dressed and get busy feeding and mucking out all of the animals.

11 am

And relax..time for a snack and to chill out with friends. Some children might decide to pop back to their tent for a siesta.

12 pm

Lunchtime! By now we all know the drill and everyone can help themselves to the spread of healthy foods.

1 pm

Now we will head in to the club house to make farewell memory bags. Everyone can decorate a fabric bag and fill it with memories of camp to share at home with family and treasure forever.

2 pm

We will all help pack up and tidy down the campsite and say farewell for another year!

3 pm

Home time!

Remember to check our Facebook site for the big camp video reveal!


Due to COVID 19 we haven't confirmed a date for our next camp but we are hoping for June 2021.