COVID 19 operational changes & Policy

This is a live dynamic document and is regularly updated. 1/1/2021


Following government guidance we have put together a plan to open our sites during the COVID pandemic months for a smaller number of children than usual. As a unique outdoor setting where most of the day is spent outside whatever the weather, we are well placed to minimize infection risk.

We will constantly review the situation and for your peace of mind we will continue to offer full refunds or credit notes should we have to cease operating at anytime.


​During spring, summer, autumn and winter we will;


- ask that, where possible parents and carers avoid using multiple settings.

- Minimize indoor activities and, weather permitting, as we always do spend lots of time outdoors.

- We will encourage 2m distancing between children where possible and 3m between staff, particularly indoors.

- We have enjoyed the challenge of adapting old favourite games to find ingenious new socially distanced approaches!

- When indoors windows and doors will be kept open for ventilation.

- We ask children NOT to bring toys in from home.

- We will continue to operate at a reduced capacity.

- Staff will regularly disinfect door handles and toilets, equipment and both indoor and outdoor hand rails and play equipment throughout the day. Resources will be thoroughly cleaned before being shared between bubbles.

Our Wycliffe site is thoroughly cleaned each evening by our professional cleaning team.

Our Manor Farm site is thoroughly cleaned each evening by on site maintenance staff. These staff keep records available on request.

- Require all children and staff to wash hands upon arrival and through the day. Particularly before and after eating, handling animals, going in or out doors and of course after using the toilet. 

- Install extra, temporary, outdoor, warm water hand wash stations.

- Remind children and display posters to catch it, bin it, kill it! We will also provide free pocket tissues to all children.

- Parents must not congregate at drop off and pick up and will not be admitted inside but will be asked to leave their children with staff at the front gate and collect them at the gate at the end of the day. Our experienced and super friendly staff will be waiting at the gate to welcome children and quickly settle them in for an action packed day.

- Parents are asked to wear a mask at drop off and collection if approaching the gate to speak with staff.

- If parents need to speak at length with staff they will be given a designated appointment and social distancing will be observed.

Parents are asked to familiarize themselves with government guidance on travelling to settings,

- We will avoid parents crowding together by operate a 'soft' drop off and collection where children can arrive between 8.50-9.10 and leave between 4.20-4.40.

- We will continue to utilize Ebug resources to empower children with knowledge such as why it is always important to wash your hands and cough into a tissue or your elbow, not just during COVID!

- We will ask parents to support us by educating their children with good hygiene practice at home.

- Parents are asked to familiarise themselves with the latest government guidance for accessing out of school settings;

Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak - GOV.UK (

- There will be no requirement for staff to wear face masks or any other PPE outside the remit of first aid or when using shared spaces such as the staff toilet or in the event a staff member need to enter another bubble. They will stay safe and limit risk of infection by keeping a 3m social distance between themselves and the children, where possible. This will not be possible when assisting our much younger visitors. Please be assured staff will continue to offer high levels of support and comfort.

Children of secondary school age (year 7) and above will be required to wear a mask indoors where a two meter distance from others can not be achieved.

If you have any of the following symptoms and have NOT YET visited our site this holiday or week please stay at home!

- We will ask any children, staff or visitors with the following symptoms or who have a household member with symptoms to please stay at home and isolate for 10 days, to contact NHS Track and Trace and to inform Manor Farm of the outcome if they have visited the site within 48 hours prior  to onset of symptoms. We will ask family members to isolate for 14 days;

* A new and continuous cough.

* A temperature over 38oC.

* A complete loss or change in taste or smell.

Other symptoms may include;

  •  Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing

  •  Fatigue

  •  Congestion or runny nose

  •  Sore throat

  •  Headache

  •  Nausea or vomiting


- If a child becomes ill with COVID symptoms at our setting we will contact parents to collect them as soon as possible and discreetly remove / isolate them from the group. A staff member will stay with child to chat and have fun until they are collected. We will follow the current advise when asking parents to obtain a COVID test and instigate track and trace protocol according to the outcome of any tests.

- If  a child or staff member returns a positive, test  Manor Farm will contact all families of children that had close contact with the child or staff member in question within 48 hours of the symptoms starting.

All children and families contacted, that had interaction with the person that returned a positive test will be required to self isolate for 14 days. In the event that the children that are required to self isolate are an entirely different group to those set to be attending the club 48 hours following the positive test, following a deep clean, our club may remain open to those children who were not in contact with the child in question, with 2 new staff members where available. This will be subject to review and viability of running with the number of children attending in mind. All families will be contacted individually in this instance. We will only contact families in the case of a positive test, and not in an instance of symptoms being shown.  We will do all we can to remain open and support our families where possible.

- We ask children and staff to attend each day in freshly laundered clothes with an easily wipeable lunch pack.

- Our staff are dedicated to supporting families with a safe environment at such a challenging time. With this in mind we ask our staff to take as much care outside of our setting as within it.

- Our staff have undergone Covid specific operating training to offer our usual high standards while keeping everyone safe and happy getting stuck into the great outdoors!

Our System of Controls (which is covered in the above information) in summary:



  1. Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell.

  2. Clean hands more often and for 20 seconds with soap and warm, running water.

  3. Ensure good respiratory hygiene. Display posters!

  4. Clean, clean, clean. Clean frequently touch surfaces more often.

  5. Minimise contact and mixing. Bubbles of 15 or less with designated space.

  6. Where necessary use PPE.


Response to an infection

  1. Engage with NHS track and Trace.

  2. Manage confirmed cases.

  3. Contain outbreaks by following local HPT advise.

This document is constantly under review. 


A huge thank you from Hannah and the team for working together to continue to offer the children a haven of outdoor fun on the farm though 2021 and beyond.