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Our Mission


... my children absolutaly love their days at Manor Farm ... 


May half term 2016 Itinerary



         *** EXTRA DATE FRIDAY 27th MAY ***


Tuesday 31st May


After the bank holiday Tuesday will be our first day back on the farm. After saying hello to all of the animals, including new arrivals, we will hope on board the tractor trailer for a bumpy trip across the fields. This time the tractor will drop us off with provisions and a compass and map and we will have to journey back to base camp on foot!


There will be an awesome surprise waiting back at HQ for all the intrepid explores!


Wednesday 1st June


Today as well as saying hello to all of the animals we will go on a very short but very exciting expedition. We will carefully walk a preplanned route around the land in bare feet! Feeling our way and noting the different sensations from hard path to squidgy mud. Once back at base and after a very thorough foot wash we will all get creative making amazing foot art!


Thursday 2nd June


This will be our only pony day of half term so after a tour of all of the animals we will saddle up and ride the ponies from tiny Tornado to Chance our gentle giant. After riding we will muck out and learn some stable management, including heading into the filed with wheel barrows and scoops to collect horse manure. After lunch we will relax with an afternoon of creative horse related craft.


Friday 3rd June


On Friday after saying farewell to all of the animals we will get busy making very original bug hotels to take home and put in our gardens or even take to school if you don't have a garden. Later on we will get busy building our big farewell bonfire to toast marshmallows with friends old and new. 

Week 1

8th - 12th
22nd - 26th
May 31st
June 3rd
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