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Our Mission


... my children absolutaly love their days at Manor Farm ... 


Christmas & New Year Itinerary


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During Christmas holiday club we will be exploring the winter countryside and caring for the animals at one of the most challenging times of the year. Everyday the children will keep warm with plenty of hot coco and get busy making marvelous winter craft creations and even surprise gifts for family and friends.


Monday 30th Dec Today we will get busy making bird feeders to take home and hang in the garden to help the birds during the cold winter months. After lunch everyone will wrap up warm and head outside for a nature walk to see how many different types of birds we can identify on the farm.


Tuesday 31st Dec As it is new years eve we will visit the vegetable patch and collect vegetables and herbs to make a delicious firework soup. We will feed the scraps to the chickens and geese and then get busy making origami boats. When all of the children have made and decorated a boat we will take them to the pond and sail them away carrying tea lights to make our own New Years Eve light display We will capture the moment with the camera and send everyone home with a picture as the soggy boat may not make it home!


Wednesday 1st Jan 


Club closed today. Happy New Year!


Thursday 2nd Jan As always Thursday is pony day so all of the children will visit the ponies and enjoy a quick ride. Later on we will clean out Tornado the Shetland ponies stable and make him a nice fresh bed. Before home time everyone will warm up with some on foot gymkhana games and there will be rosettes and prizes for all!


Friday  3rd On the last day of winter holiday club the children can say goodbye to all of the animals and have some fun digging in the giant sandpit (with their gloves on!) to make holes to create crazy shaped sand candles. When everyone has had a try we will head inside to warm up making lots of yummy cakes to eat and take home and enjoy later on while remembering our adventures on the farm.








Week 1

8th - 12th

Week 2


  30th - 3rd


Week 1

16th - 20th
  30th - 3rd


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